Registered Suffolk Sheep
and Commercial Angus Beef Cattle

-  We are committed to raising quality livestock: Suffolk rams for range and farm flocks, ewes who really do their job, lamb and beef for families concerned about their food source.

-  We keep a small herd of commercial Angus cattle for beef production. We also sell replacement heifers and occasionally, cow-calf pairs.

-  Our Suffolks have evolved to meet our market needs through 25+ yrs of trait selection and linebreeding. They have ample frame, are thick muscled and demonstrate the fast growth rate for which the Suffolk breed is noted.

-  We welcome school, 4-H and FFA groups for tours and programs by appointment.

Martiny Livestock LLC
Linda Martiny and Mike Donnelly
7878 Wilde Rd  Concrete, WA 98237
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